“(Yo sits at a garden table in a balcony high above the glinting sci-fi city. Heavy clouds threatening rain hang low. They seemed closer to him than the tiny cars below. A brilliant bolt of lightning flashed nearby, its clap and the the rumble in its wake rattling the sliding doors.

Lucia comes out with a Tiger and two glasses. She sits.)

Lucia: (Pouring.) Why that face?

Yo: (Mimes typing) Fear.

Lucia: Still?

(Yo gestures “You know how it is.”)

Lucia: Another play?

Yo: (Shakes head) An article. And another I don’t know what yet.

Lucia: Exposè? (Yo nods.) Political? (Yo looks at her) Stupid question.

And the problem is..?

Yo: It’s all hearsay, circumstantial.

Lucia: Never a paper or email trail.

Yo: They’re good.

Lucia: Damn good.

Yo: So I ask myself, “Heh, why are you still so afraid? When was the last time anyone got into trouble for writing anything?”

Lucia: Exactly. When was the last time?  (The other looks at him, not answering. He searches his memory. Finally:) I see. (Pause.)  Scared for your job?

Yo: House paid for, children working, I’ve always lived simply. You know I don’t really need it anymore.

Lucia: But?

Yo: They can take the house, the CPF.

Lucia: When was the last time they did that to anyone? (He thinks as the other looks at him.) I see…

Yo: They don’t use their stick often –

Lucia: ­ – “but it’s a big, big stick.”


Yo: Thinking of getting a divorce.

Lucia: What!? But the two of you look so… permanent.

Yo: “Permanent” (He’s smiles. Pause.) It’s not because of that. (Lucia looks at him.) We divorce, I give everything to her, after that, I can do anything. They won’t be able to touch a single cent because 一无所有. There’s nothing for them to take away.

Lucia: You serious?

Yo: Thinking, thinking…

Lucia: You are serious.

Yo: We could still live together after that. In sin, as it were.

Lucia: Haha, just like when you guys started.

Yo: Haha, yes.

Lucia: A crazy idea… but not a bad one.


Yo: But…

Lucia: You would still be afraid.

Yo: Yes.

Lucia: Yeah…

Yo: Chicken.

(Lucia makes to contradict Yo, but then stops herself. She lifts her glass. Lucia waits for it to roll away.)

Lucia: Cheers.

(Yo lifts his glass and clinks Lucia’s. He takes a sip. Then as Lucia looks on he downs the whole thing at one go.)”