Just tried the new National Library Board e-book service!

Getting signed in and coordinating it with the external reader app wasn’t intuitive. So I went to the Clementi Mall and a kind librarian helped me sort it out. I find NLB staff always helpful and knowledgeable.

It’s wonderful!

Now I can borrow my Lonely Planets and Rough Guides for while on the road. Of course, it has lots of other titles I want to read too!

Wonder if one can read Tamil and Chinese on the app (Malay no problem, I figure) and if books in them are available?

Note that the app wrongly says the travel and a few other books I checked are only in e-book format, but I saw the print versions on the shelves (and borrowed them too: still find the physical book easier and more fun). Just don’t trust it yet 🙂

Penguingate remains a huge black mark against the NLB, indeed an infringement of the free access rules that it signed up for internationally. This chapter is not over.

But this app is why in terms of service delivery we have one of the best public library systems in the world. Kudos to the NLB for this e-initiative!